Effy Winter is a writer, author and blood witch from Philadelphia, PA. Her work explores eroticism and heartache while portraying the spawning of a carnal hunger for witchery, lust and self-sacrifice. Profoundly passionate and devastating, her verse thrives with a fleshly breath. Effy’s heart is aroused by that which burns severely—deliciously dark religious imagery, a widow’s lament, charnels of red roses or a lustful ache in the womb. When she is not birthing her sickly poetry, she is likely to be found practicing witchcraft by candlelight, tending to the sallow flowerbeds inside of her ribcage or praying to a vicious god. Her first novel, Flowers of the Flesh, was released by Rhythm & Bones Press in May 2019. Order an autographed or annotated copy, here.

Effy currently works as a writer for Witch Way Magazine. Her articles on hereditary witchcraft and the dark practices of a traditional blood witch can be found in Witch Way Magazine’s digital issues which premiere at the beginning of each month. Become a subscriber, here. She is also the curator of The Blood Witch: Romance & Ritual, a monthly column at Pussy Magic where you will find her rituals, lust spells and romantic poetry.

Find Effy on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram @fleurwomb.


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