Bloodmilk (Dancing Girl Press)

Coming Winter 2019


Bloodmilk is made of the same biting magick and precision as it’s companion collection Flowers of the Flesh. Each poem reads simultaneously as a spontaneous, lustful fragment and as a succinct breath of vulgar ritual. It is an expression of longing, of having, of deepest love and excess. Winter is Sappho drenched in blood; a romantic in the purest and most earnest sense laying bare what is more an invocation than a collection of poems. There is viciousness, there is loveliness, there are tender, explicit moments contained in slender, at times anemic stanzas, the very shape of which somehow enhances the experience of reading. Enchanting in the best of ways, Bloodmilk has become my favorite love story.”

Jeremy Gaulke, founder of APEP Publications