Romantic Incantations & Rose Witchcraft


I carve through roses of blood and flame
to find my heart weeping near the lovers’ haven.

A hymn pours from my flushed mouth,
bleeding into a garden of hell
and softly I wilt,

a bouquet on fire within your sore flesh.

Poetry/Incantation by Effy Winter,
from Flowers of the Flesh (Rhythm & Bones Press, 2019)

The rose, commonly referred to by many as The Queen of Flowers, has been used in traditional witchcraft for centuries for its powerful properties which invoke love, lust and romance. The flower itself is a symbol of beauty, love and truth—therefore, it is often gifted from one lover to another—but in many cultures this flower also represents death and rebirth. Throughout history it has become a common tradition to plant roses upon a loved one’s grave or leave this flower as a symbolic gift which acknowledges the survival of a soul after its vessel has perished. Most importantly, the rose represents the depth of true love—it is a flower of worship, devotion and eternal adoration. According to ancient legend, the rose is said to have been created during the birth of The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and the rose blooms red for the first time upon the fatal wounding of her lover, Adonis, while she cradles his dying body. Her tears intertwine with a pool of his blood and thus, this hauntingly striking flower is born making it the powerful representation of romance that it remains to be to this day.

Rose (Rosaceae) Magickal Correspondences 

Botanical Name: Rosa
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Uses: Love, Lust, Romance, Healing, Divination

For practitioners of love and sex magick, nothing is more sacred than the rose. Its petals can be used to make salves, sleep sachets, love drawing baths, romance oils and garland, and the flower’s thorns/decay may also be of use when crafting a curse to be cast upon an ex romantic partner that has caused deep anguish within one’s heart. As a blood witch, knowing the rose’s symbolic connection to blood makes this a powerful flower and ingredient that I use often throughout my personal practice of the craft. The rose is an ideal offering to leave upon an altar while worshipping gods and goddesses of love and fire, as well as dark deities which radiate sensuality, intensity and a special bond to romance itself.

A fountain of blood pours from my crown of roses. 

I need to be thin so that you are able to swallow this soreness
of red flowering, putridity,
the chrysalis. 

I worship in my wet deathgown of blushing flesh. 

Poetry/Incantation by Effy Winter,
from Flowers of the Flesh (Rhythm & Bones Press, 2019) 

As I’ve touched upon before in my article, Origins of the Witch’s Flying Ointment (appearing in Witch Way Magazine’s November 2018 digital issue), the crafting of magickal salves was an important tradition passed down from one Satanic witch to another within my bloodline. Most of the ointments made by myself and my witch foremothers have been crafted to be of aid during sex rituals or the performance of love magick serving to bond two hearts to each other eternally in the presence of our deliciously dark god. Here, you will find my family’s recipe for The Lovers’ Rose Salve.

Effy Winter is a hereditary blood witch and descendant of the Queen of Scottish Witches. She carries on the traditions and spellwork of her witch mothers, primarily working with the Devil throughout her practice of the craft. In her spare time, Effy works as a writer for various literary publications. She is the author of Flowers of the Flesh (Rhythm & Bones Press, 2019), a collection of poetry stirred by romance and dark witchcraft.